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What to expect in an Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine consultation (0-30mins)

Upon arrival please fill in a standard registration form with name, date of birth, address etc. I'll then ask you about your health issue that you would like my assistance with. This will involve a history of the issue and anything you've noticed that affects it, either for better or worse. If you have any medical reports please also bring this with you. I will also ask about other health parameters that are relevant to the issue such as your family history, current stress levels, sleeping patterns, diet and lifestyle, to formulate a comprehensive framework of your health. 

After we've been through the details, I’ll then conduct an assessment by doing a tongue, pulse, and abdominal diagnosis. The tongue, pulse, and abdomen assessment provide information on the internal organ function of your body’s system. I am trained to distinguish over a 100 different pulse states and tongue representations of health.

After the assessment is complete a diagnosis is made. I will discuss this in detail with you, explaining from a Chinese Medicine perspective the causes of the illness, why the symptoms have manifested, what I can treat, and the likely prognosis. A treatment plan is then made together with you, and a treatment method strategy is developed.

I will then show you on the acupuncture model which acupuncture points will be used to restore health and the reasoning behind it. Sometimes to speed up the therapeutic results herbal medicine may also be prescribed.

Acupuncture Treatment Course for Fertility Health 

For natural preconception fertility care, the ideal preparation to conceive treatment time is 3 months.

·         For females this allows to achieve 3 x regular consistent menstrual cycles (regular follicular development, ovulation timing, and luteal phase early pregnancy support preparation)

·         For males this allows 72-90 days for sperm production changes (volume, sperm count, PH levels, DNA, morphology size and shape).


For assisted IVF support, the ideal preparation  time is as per the above 3 months recommendation, to prepare an optimal embryo and the uterine lining for implantation and early pregnancy support. However if time is limited there are two recommended options:

·         Once a week during the current IVF cycle (for short or long cycles). This will assist with follicular stimulation, reduce swelling from egg collection, embryo transfer implantation support, and reduce anxiety levels before HCG results. 

·         Or on the day of embryo transfer, a before and after treatment (within 24hrs of your transfer). The pre-embryo transfer treatment is designed to supply blood flow to the uterus, and the post-embryo transfer treatment is designed for implantation support.

Note, the above is a guideline, you can start fertility Acupuncture treatment at any time, as your treatment plan is specifically designed for you and where you are on your journey.

Acupuncture Treatment Course for General Health


As a rough guideline, treatment is usually once a week for 6 sessions. A precise treatment course will depend on the cause and triggers of the illness, nature and duration of the condition, family history, diet and lifestyle, as well as physical body type composition, and emotional health. The healing process can be speeded up by ingesting herbal medicine between acupuncture treatments and following dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Please note, the superior goal of Chinese Medicine is to not only treat you for your presenting condition but to keep you healthy to prevent future illness. Therefore once you have completed your initial treatment course you may choose to stop treatments, or for those interested in maintenance health plans, below is a few examples. 


Some clients for example who have experienced severe colds and hay fever annually in the Spring since childhood come in once a year before the windy season to boost their immune system. Other clients who have stressful events coming up, or known busy work periods scheduled, come in for a treatment one week prior to the event to decrease their anxiety levels and receive take-home herbal medicine support through their stressful times. Other clients who like more ongoing support come in for treatment once a month for general health checkups and maintenance.

Acupuncture Treatment Course in Pregnancy

Regular acupuncture treatments help maintain a healthy pregnancy throughout the whole gestational period and for a few weeks post birth to assist with labour recovery and the prevention of post-natal depression.However, this may not be necessary for every mother. As an example guideline:  

  • If you have a history of recurrent miscarriage then regular implantation and early pregnancy support treatments until week 12 may be recommended.

  • If you experience severe morning sickness then weekly acupuncture until approximately Week 12 is recommended.

  • If you experience gestational diabetes then weekly acupuncture treatments are recommended to maintain stable BSL levels.

  • If you experience a smooth and healthy pregnancy then a checkup and tune up may be recommended only once a trimester.

For all women, from Weeks 34 onwards weekly acupuncture is recommended. This is to assist with any breech presentations, to prepare for smooth labour and pain relief, as well as natural induction support.

From Week 36 partners are encouraged to come support their loved ones, and will be provided with free training on acupressure massage points to help facilitate a smoother labour and to reduce labour pains naturally.

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